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September 19th - September 27th

Since we won’t be racing together this year, we’ve created a fun adventure game for Sturdy Dirty riders to participate in that will help us connect with each other during these isolating times.


We all need connection and community (and exercise!) right now because it’s stressful out there, from the pandemic to the wildfires to the general feeling of being cut off from the world. It’s a lot, and we thought, wouldn’t it be nice if we could have a moment to ride our bikes on what would have been the 2020 Sturdy Dirty race course, share some fun pics, and feel—dare we say it—normal for a change?


  • Ride the 2020 Sturdy Dirty course (primarily on Canyon Creek DH trail). The Trailforks Link to the race courses is here.

  • Choose up to 10 photo challenges from the list below to complete. Then, post your photo(s) to your Instagram account!

  • This part is important so we can find your entry! When posting to Instagram, be sure to: 

    1. Tag one of the photos with @sturdydirtyenduro & @evoseattle (click here for a tutorial on how to add tags). If you complete more than one challenge, use Instagram’s multiple photo option to combine your photos into one post (click here for a tutorial).

      1. If your Instagram account is private, please send us a private message with your photos.

    2. In the caption of your photo, be sure to add the hashtag #sturdydirty2020. You can even follow the hashtag so photos of everyone’s Sturdy Dirty adventures come up in your feed.  Let’s cheer each other on and give virtual high fives!

  • For each challenge you complete and post per the above, you’ll get 1 entry into a raffle for awesome prizes from our sponsors (up to 10 entries per person).

  • Who is eligible? Its open to everyone! And for the guys, here’s your chance to be a Sturdy Dirty “racer”.

  • If you’re not in Washington state and want to participate from your local trails, get creative where you’re at and join us for the fun!



  • Made it! At the top of Canyon Creek Downhill Trail

  • Woohoo that view! Ride a bit extra to the summit/top of Raging River 

  • Shred that! Ride the Blue Dragon Rock Roll on Canyon Creek (toward the bottom of segment 3 on CCDH)

  • Trail maintenance! Clearing a rogue rock, stick, or tree from the trail

  • Huck yeah! Jump or drop, get some air under the tires

  • Trail etiquette! Wearing your PPE/face mask

  • Roots radical! Shredding a challenging section of the trail

  • Snack time! Show us your favorite trail food (and best way to eat it!)

  • Fun with foliage! Helmet flowers, fern tail, moss beard-what's growing on?!

  • Give back! Screen grab of your donation to a non-profit or organization that supports wildfire relief efforts, QTBIPOC, and/or trail building

  • Norco Challenge! Find one of the 10 Norco cards hidden on CCDH! Be sure to tag @norcobicycles!

  • Bonus stage! Riding Physical Therapy (expert/pro stage trail)

  • Hanging with the Sturdy B's! Find us at the Raging River on 9/26 for an air high-five and an ice-cold drink

the raffle

  • We have lots of stuff to raffle off from our amazing sponsors including 2 Bike Tune Gift Certificates, tshirts and jerseys, tires, and much more!!

  • For each challenge you complete, you'll get 1 entry into the raffle, but be sure to follow the instructions for posting as we are relying on that to be able to monitor and accurately award raffle entries. MAXIMUM ENTRIES 10 PER PERSON.

  • Winners will be chosen at random (raffle style but way more technically sophisticated than Sturdy Dirty raffles in the past!!)

  • Watch Instagram live on September 29th @ 6pm where we will announce the raffle prizes and the winners!!!


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