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Sturdy Dirty Enduro Newsletter

April News You’ve been itching for spring, and now it’s here—WOO-HOO! Time to check in with the latest Sturdy Dirty news. Read below about individual races, pro purses, new people & upcoming events, and get all set up for mountain bike racing season.

Have you heard? Pro purse for all 3 races! For years, the Sturdy Dirty Enduro handed out medals, not prize money. But this year, we’re offering a pro purse for the first time ever. $1000 per race, rewarding the top 3 finishers. Because the ladies deserve it, and because we can offer it. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to step up (or category-up). Sign up for your pro spot here.

Series Highlights Having trouble deciding which of the Sturdy Dirty Enduro races to sign up for? We recommend all three, but if you can’t swing that, check out the race event highlights below. Each one is a unique experience that’s still the Sturdy Dirty, through and through.


1. Oakridge (Westfir, OR)

The first stop in the Sturdy Dirty Series, Oakridge is equal parts screaming-fast racing and kicking-back relaxing with family & friends. It’s also camping in nature’s backyard, and having the time of your life with bikes. Experiences like this are what you live for—it’s why you started riding bikes in the first place. Come join us, and swap the rat-race for a race that feeds your soul. Register here.

Katie’s pick: “Oakridge is the epitome of ‘away from it all.’ Just you and a hundred-plus of your best riding buddies, camping out and racing bikes. #bikeparty #vanlife


2. Silver Mountain (Kellogg, ID)

New to the Sturdy Dirty Enduro Race Series for 2018, Silver Mountain offers you the quintessential experience of “park” life: lift-assisted luxury that lets you throw down some laps then hit up the water park next door. Campers and hotel lovers alike will feel welcome indeed. We are super-stoked to take the Sturdy Dirty’s fun zone racing to Silver Mountain! Register here.

Ady’s pick: “Silver Mountain is a place you can bring the whole family…so they can watch your kid while you race bikes. But in all seriousness, there’s a lot of fun for all.”


3. Tiger Mountain (Seattle/Issaquah, WA)

The last stop on the Sturdy Dirty Enduro tour is a local's favorite—Tiger Mountain, where hot-diggity trail diggers are working hard on a brand-new segment for the Sturdy Dirty race course. Tiger’s trails offer the perfect blend of tech and speed, with a bit of gnar in just the right spots for those that want them. And the after party? Well, let’s just say it’s rawr. Register here.

Angela’s & Julie’s pick: “Many of us ‘grew up’ riding Tiger, so it feels like home. Come join us for a party in our backyard.” (Angela)

“Tiger Mountain is having its Renaissance, with new trails being built every year. There’s something for everyone.” (Julie)



The Sturdy Dirty team has a new member. Meet Jessica Hatch!

Q: What is Jessica most excited about for this year’s Sturdy Dirty Series?

A: “Having fun with the team & our amazing bike community! First up: scoping out trails for the Oakridge race course and meeting the locals.” (She’s also looking forward to some post-race dance battles...bring it on!)

Q: If she could only ride one trail, over and over:

A: “Last Frontier (Tokul East, Fall City, WA). It has just the right amount of turns, fun practice jumps and drops. Plus, if I just need a quick ride, I'm done in 2 minutes. I almost always head back up to do it again, though!”

Q: The one piece of gear she can’t live without:

A: Fun socks! “My go to are the Cascadia Flag design.”

Q: Ask Jessica about her:

A: Days as a Vegas-style showgirl

B: Trip to Burning Man

C: Moto enduro racing in the dessert

D: All of the above!

  • Oakridge Pre-Ride: June 15

  • Oakridge Race: June 16

  • Oakridge Dig Day: June 17

Questions? We’ve got answers. Contact us.

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