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Oakridge "course planning" trip 2018

We took a road trip down to Oakridge in early May to do a bit of course and race planning, hang with locals and dig some trail. We were blessed with some absolutely beautiful weather and had an absolute blast riding trails and enjoying the amazing views. Huge thanks to Derrick Bell, Katrina Marshall, CogWild, Westfir Lodge and all the people we met and who will be helping us to make the Sturdy Dirty 2018 at Oakridge happen for all our racers.

Here's a little photo montage of our trip...

I do truly enjoy looking in the rear-view mirror and seeing BIKES! Even if I'm sitting in traffic it makes me grin. BTW - It's only about a 5hr drive from Seattle if you are lucky enough to miss traffic.

Our stay at the Westfir Lodge. A room with a view of the river and the covered bridge. Fit for a queen for sure! Everywhere you looked there was a plate of cookies, a bowl of candy or a pile of bars to take on a trail ride.

Alpine trail: This will definitely be the place for EVERYONE to stop, have a snack, and enjoy the breath-taking view.

Tire Mountain: Get ready to do some shredding through this ripping fast single track. Mind the exposure!

Exp/Pro transition to stage 6: All smiles after a soul-crushing climb. Remember to count the 24 Corners!!!

Final descent down Alpine. Did we mention there was a bit of exposure? Watch your speed and stay in contol out there!!

Sunday breakfast at Westfir Lodge. This picture says it all.

Tire Mountain Dig: The bridge is out and we got to help build the ride around with this amazing group of people. So much accomplished in such a short period of time.

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