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What better way to prepare for the Sturdy Dirty Enduro than with friends? Join the training group!


Want build your fitness? Come back stronger from an injury or having a baby? Advance your biking abilities? This will be a supportive environment to do all of the above. The goal is to build fitness and biking knowledge so everyone’s ready to have a fun and enjoyable Sturdy Dirty race. 



Whether you're training to race or just to have fun on your bike and be strong AF, we are honored to offer two training plan options this year. Pick the one that is best suited for your needs and let's get this fit party started!


This self-monitored plan, developed by Nicole Gunton, details the exercises and fitness goals week to week. Some fitness equipment will be needed such as dumbells and a stability ball and there will be training on the bike.

This plan is offered by Brave Endeavors alongside Campfire Endurance Coaching. It has a training guide that includes a combination of video-led workouts, aerobic intervals, and bike training that builds on up to race day.


Check out Brave Endeavors buidlSOLO for more info, and head out to the Train2BSturdy Facebook Group to get a discount code for the buildSOLO program. 

Who am I training with?

Well, in addition to the nearly 500 ladies in the Train2BSturdy group, the Sturdy Bitches will be on the training program too. Here's what each of us is focused on...

Training Bios


I have not taken to working from home, the West Seattle bridge closure and covid well. Or maybe I have taken to it too well? I haven’t been on my bike much and just being active on the daily isn’t happening. I’d like to get back to being on my bike, and being strong on my bike, again - and tackle those pesky covid pounds too. I’m excited about working with the awesome community of women we have to achieve this goal!



I have embraced the remote life and have taken advantage of the myriad online strength training options as well as the flexibility of my schedule to fit in more winter training than ever this year. To build endurance I’ve committed to riding a “dawn to dusk” ride every month, which will get longer and harder as the days get longer. However, while fitness might not be my weakness, skills and confidence on the bike is - so I’ve been working on improving my skills and look forward to continuing this through the spring and summer.  

JessM photo.jpg


I've been cross training for the past year with bikes, yoga, rock climbing, xfit, table tennis etc. and feel like I am in some of the best shape of my life. My goal now is to sustain the gains and work on improving my diet more so that I am ready to ride the Trans BC course as a volunteer marshal and the CDC series as sweep. Overall though, I'd just like to just have fun on bikes with friends and keep up with my little aussie buddy on the trails. My by-the-end-of-summer goal is to climb up Tiger Mountain without stopping...roar! 



In 2022 raced all the bikes. CDC Darrington (e-bike), CDC Team Enduro, Rebecca's Private Idaho Baked Potato (103 miles of gravel) and finished it out with a few CX races!! I just love riding bikes ALL THE TIME so I figured I'd do it all again in 2023 and add volunteering to sweep a couple CDC races and maybe get a XC race in? The sky is the limit!!

Our Training Partners


Nicole Gunton

Nicole photo.jpg

Nicole coaches all levels of MTB racers. She began riding in 2005 and competing in 2010. We Sturdy B’s know her as an XC machine, and she’s had great successes competing in XC, 100-mile, Stage, 12- and 24- hour, enduro and cyclocross races. Nicole started coaching 7 years ago, and we’re so happy to have her setting up our training plans for this program! 

Annick Chalier


Annick Chalier lives in Lyle, WA, and has been a lifelong athlete.  She has raced triathlons, road bikes, cyclocross, a little bit of XC mountain bikes, and now gravel.  She's recently started working with Campfire Endurance Coaching, to assist athletes looking to improve in their sport via guided training.  She is also a PMBIA level 1 mountain bike skills coach and primarily works with Brave Endeavors programming in the Columbia River Gorge and with Ladies Allride clinics in Bend, OR.  It brings Annick immense joy to help others pursue their personal goals and unlock capabilities and confidence!

Bekah Rottenberg

Bekah photo.jpg

@bekah_brave.endeavors | Brave Endeavors

Bekah is the founder and head coach for Brave Endeavors, which utilizes the power of mountain biking and strength training to help you boost confidence, step out of your comfort zone and ultimately, Be MORE BRAVE! A certified personal trainer, weightlifting coach, and MTB instructor, Bekah raced enduro at the professional level (2014-2018) before turning her focus to coaching and strength training. We can’t wait to tap into Bekah’s expertise and insights regarding the physical and mental aspects of our sport, as well as introduce you to her virtual strength training options.

Michelle "Scooter" Bostick

Scooter photo.jpg

Scooter is a doctor of Physical Therapy, working for over 16 years in outpatient sports medicine and currently at Mobilize Physical Therapy near the University of Washington. Her approach is to empower patients with the tools they need for healing and performance, using a whole person approach. Nothing excites her more than getting her patients stronger and healthier than they were before their injury! Scooter has a background in competitive sports (basketball, volleyball, rugby, and CrossFit) and started mountain biking in 2011. After a couple of trips to Canada in the summer of 2017, she was hooked on MTB as her primary sport (because who doesn’t love Canadian trails?). Scooter is one of our favorite repeat racers at the Sturdy Dirty and we are super excited to have her share her knowledge with this group.

Kathryn Dove

Kathryn photo.jpg

@irishkathryndove | Kona Ambassador

Kathryn is an avid rider, ambassador for Kona, and doctor of Physical Therapy. Kathryn started her journey in PT after a snowboarding injury in college. Working today at the Polyclinic Downtown Seattle, Kathryn enjoys helping patients recover from injuries and getting them back to the activities they love. Outside of work, she is likely going to be outdoors snowboarding, skiing, mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing, or mountaineering. Kathryn may or may not have handed some of the Sturdy B’s their hats on the race course…We are excited to have Kathryn lead some of our group workouts, including a few sessions on mobility. 

Rachel Bishop

Rachel photo.JPG

Rachel is a registered dietitian, a sports nutritionist and is the founder of Food and Flow Nutrition. With a masters in nutrition, she uses her experience as a competitive athlete combined with her passion for whole foods to help each client become the best version of themselves. Rachel specializes in sports nutrition, whole body wellness, and the management of disease states such as hypertension and cardiovascular disease. When she isn’t riding the trails, she is coaching for Evergreen MTB Alliance and is a member of the Evergreen education committee. We believe what we fuel our bodies with, both on and off the bike, can have dramatic effects on our performance and we appreciate Rachel bringing her expertise to the program.   

Angi Weston

Angi photo.jpg

Angi Weston calls Bellingham, WA home and has been coaching mountain bike skills since 2002. She is Level 3 certified through the Bicycle Instructor Certification Program (BICP) making her one of the most qualified and highly-experienced mountain bike coaches in North America. It is Angi's mission to get more people, especially women and girls, riding and loving bikes. Teaching is a great passion of hers and it shows in her enthusiastic and patient approach. In February of 2018, Angi launched Radical Roots MTB Instruction which provides lessons, guiding and coach training services. Angi has been a part of the Sturdy Dirty each year and we are excited to partner with her for information sessions and coaching to advance your biking skills. 

Lacy Kemp

Lacy photo.jpg

Lacy Kemp is the founder of Bellingham Treehouse Yoga, a zero-cost community yoga initiative that provides free vinyasa classes to the Bellingham community year round. She's been practicing for twenty years and teaching free classes for the past five. Her focus is on keeping the athletic body limber and building strength in often-forgotten stabilizer muscles. Outside of yoga Lacy is usually found riding her mountain bike with a stupidly big smile on her face. She works as the marketing and communications director for Kona Bikes and is stoked to be involved with anything that gets more women on bikes.

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