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When is Sturdy Dirty 2022?

JULY 8TH, 2023

How do I cancel my registration?



UP TO 14 DAYS prior to the event: PARTIAL REFUND of Race Registration, less $50 refund fee.





What level of experience do I need to be able to race the Sturdy Dirty?


Sturdy Dirty racers should have, at minimum, intermediate skill and fitness levels to be comfortable with the trails on course. Our Lite, Beginner and Sport race race segments will mostly be on blue downhill trails that tend to be winding, with roots and rocks and rollable jumps and drops. You will want to be able to stay on your bike for the majority of the trail, though walking a small number of features is an option.


We recommend trying out the trails at Raging River and seeing how you feel on Pop-n-tops, Flow State and CCDH, then work your way up to Physical Therapy (PT), Invictus and No Service...just try them all!

I see that the Sturdy Dirty is a "women-only" event. What does that mean?


We use an inclusive definition of "woman" and "female". We welcome anyone who experiences life as a woman, identifies as a woman, are gender fluid/diverse/queer/expansive, questioning, or non-binary. All are welcome to spectate and volunteer, but only women may race. 

Will there be a Train2BSturdy program for the 2023 race?


Join our Train2BSturdy group on Facebook!!

How do I change my category, Team name or contact info in my registration?

If you need to make changes to your registration (category change, Team name, typo, etc.) all you have to do log in to your account and do the needful. 

Are you doing any dig days?


We are doing everything in our power to hold monthly dig days. Check out the Events page for details and sign-up. 

How does my business sponsor Sturdy Dirty?

We love our sponsors and we need all your help to put on the Sturdy Dirty every year. Please contact us if you are interested in sponsoring the race in 2023. 

What's up with the waitlist?

There is only one list (there are not separate waitlists for each category).

You will be notified when a spot comes available but the waitlist should remain largely unchanged from February to May as we typically do not see a lot of cancellations early on.


Last year we had a giant waitlist and everyone got in, but THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO GUARANTEE ON THAT HAPPENING THIS YEAR!! In addition, you may not know until just weeks before the event. So don’t delay the training!


If you want to be removed or make changes to your entry let us know.

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