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You are the Sturdy Dirty.  (We couldn't do it without you.)

So bring your costume finery and join us for a day of racing and revelry. 

Some people call this racing. We call it partying on bikes. 


Q: Where do I signup to volunteer?


A: Sign up here!

Q: What volunteer positions are available?


A: Registration help, shuttle drivers, course sweeps, timers, parking attendants, general help, etc.  


Q: I'm a dude and this is a women's event. Can I still help out?


A: Yes! The majority of our volunteers are fellas. I mean, who doesn't want to see a bunch of ladies shred? Kids are welcome, too.

Q: What is required of volunteers?


A: Show up. Help out. Don't suck. Receive our eternal gratitude.


Q: I'm only available for a certain time of the day, is that a problem?


A: Don't worry, we'll find a job for you, but DO let us know when you sign up so that we can make a note of it.  


Q: My business or organization wants in - how do we do that?


A: Contact us! 


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