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Raging River

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Sturdy Dirty racers should have, at minimum, intermediate skill and fitness levels to be comfortable with the trails on course. Our Lite, Beginner and Sport race segments will mostly be on blue downhill trails that tend to be winding, with roots and rocks and some rollable jumps and drops. You will want to be able to stay on your bike for the majority of the trail, though walking a small number of features is an option.

Pro/Expert: Race all five stages. 

Mileage and Elevation (approximate): 17 miles, 3,615 feet
Stage 1: Canyon Creek DH Upper (Section 3)
Stage 2: Canyon Creek DH Lower (Section 4-6)
Stage 3: Mid/Lower PT
Stage 4: Upper PT
Stage 5: Lower Pop Tops/Flow State

Sport: Race stages 1, 2, 3, 5. SKIP 4 – Upper PT. 

Mileage and Elevation (approximate): 13 miles, 2,785 feet
Stage 1: Canyon Creek DH Upper (Section 3)
Stage 2: Canyon Creek DH Lower (Section 4-6)
Stage 3: Mid/Lower PT
Stage 5: Lower Pop Tops/Flow State

Beginner: Race stages 1, 2, 5. SKIP 3 and 4 – PT. 

Mileage and Elevation (approximate): 10.8 mi and 2,300 ft
Stage 1: Canyon Creek DH Upper (Section 3)
Stage 2: Canyon Creek DH Lower (Section 4-6)
Stage 5: Lower Pop Tops/Flow State

Lite: Race Stage 5 only 

Mileage and Elevation (approximate): 4.1 mi and 1,060 ft
Stage 5: Lower Pop Tops/Flow State

Event Details

Getting to the race: We're staging at Snoqualmie Point Park and Rattlesnake Mountain Trailhead.

Need to ship a bike? Getting your bike to the Sturdy Dirty could be the easiest part of your race weekend. Find rates and ship with BikeFlights. Need a box? It's simple and fast to pack a bike into a sturdy, reusable BikeFlights Bike Box Large, and you can recycle it when you're done. Buy a BikeFlights Bike Shipping Box.  


Parking: Parking will be available on-site and expanded beyond the usual parking areas. We also encourage carpooling to ensure enough space. We will have people to help direct parking. Please follow their directions and park conscientiously to ensure cars can get through (including any emergency vehicles).


Discover Pass: You'll need a Discover Pass to park in the Rattlesnake Mountain Trail Parking lot, but not in other areas.


Racer Packet Pick-up: Pick up your packet Saturday morning. Packet pick-up will open at 7am and go until 9:30am. Plan to get your packet at least 1 hour before your send-off time. The packet will have your number plate and timing chip. Please make sure to keep track of your timing chip! It is a $100 fee if the timing chip is lost. 


Sturdy Dirty Merchandise Pre-Orders: If you pre-ordered Sturdy Dirty merchandise, take your packet over to the Sturdy Dirty tent to retrieve your order.


Category changes: There will be NO CHANGES ON RACE DAY. If you want to change your category, do so by October 4 by sending an email to info@sturdydirty.com.


Friday, October 8th pre-riding: The course will be marked by end of day Thursday so feel free to get out there early Friday morning. We confirmed that there WILL NOT be any logging activity on the mountain at this time and you are free to ride all the trails. Unfortunately we are still unable to offer any shuttles and self-shuttle is NOT permitted. 

What to expect On-Course

  • Terrain: You will ride a combination of gravel road and single track between stages, with all stages raced on single-track only. 

  • Expect lines: At each stage, you will line up for your turn - expect a line. It’s good to bring a coat to stay comfortable while waiting. Also expect to WEAR A MASK while in line so make sure it’s accessible. 

  • Passing: We also attempt to group racers by category for each stage, however, we expect that racers from different categories will start to mix more on later race stages. Be prepared to deal with passing and be patient and courteous as both a passer and a passee.

  • Aid Stations: We have 3 fabulous aid stations! (1) on road between Raging Tiger and Dash, (2) at the road intersection before CCDH (before Stage 1), and (3) at bottom of CCDH. The aid stations at the Sturdy Dirty are notorious in many ways. They may be serving up food and drinks that may not work well for you. They will have water available for topping off bottles, but plan to be self-sufficient so you can be well-prepared for the day.

  • We love our volunteers! We have amazing volunteers! It is how we are able to put on this race. Thank them often. 


CUT-OFF times: We don't have any cut-off times; HOWEVER, we do expect all racers to be done by 3:30 so please plan to do everything in your power to finish the course within that time.

Sturdy Dirty Do's

  • Keep track of your timing chip. 

  • Bring water (there's no running water on site), food, basic bike supplies, a mask & possibly a raincoat

  • Enjoy our aid stations sponsored by evo, Team Dad Bod, and Adam Andrade

  • Enjoy a free meal and beverages (non-racer friends & family can purchase a lunch for $8-10 each).

  • Hang out after the race for the awards and raffle. Raffle tickets and a limited quantity of merchandise will also be for sale. 



COVID-19 Guidelines: We all need to follow COVID-19 Guidelines for King County. The event will be less than 500 people and ALL outdoors but there will be times when 6’ distance cannot be maintained (in the registration line, food line, stage line, etc.). EVERYONE PLEASE BRING A MASK AND WEAR IT WHEN WE ARE GATHERED!!! 

Feeling sick on race day? Have you been knowingly exposed? Do you have COVID-19? PLEASE do the right thing and STAY HOME.


Team (or personal) Tents: There will be ample space at Snoqualmie Point Park for you to put up a Team Tent in the main staging area. Team Tent location will be on a first-come-first-served basis so no need to contact us ahead of time. Please check in with us at the Sturdy Dirty tent to learn where to set up. You may put your tent up on Friday but doing so will be at your own risk. You MUST stake/weight it down. We aren’t going to watch it for you and you need to ensure that it won’t blow away due to inclement weather. 

Camping: Having trouble finding a camping spot or lodging? We have a VERY LIMITED number of primitive camping spots available at the venue. Contact us for info and to reserve a spot.

Coaching Opportunities: Angi Weston, John Richardson and Kat Sweet are offering up coaching Thursday and Friday before the race. Space will fill up fast so sign up now!!!


Coaching with Angi on Thursday from 2pm to 6pm $90

Expert/Pro coaching with John Richardson at 2pm on Friday (free)

Sport pre-ride on Middle/Lower PT with Angi Weston at 10am and 2pm on Friday (free)

Beginner pre-ride on Poppin Tops and Flow State with Kat Sweet at 10am on Friday (free)




Racer packet pick-up. Please plan to pick up your packet by 1 hour before your send off.



Riders meeting: MANDATORY for all riders!



Pro and expert send-off. We will send off groups of 20 every 5 minutes.



Sport send-off. We will send off groups of 20 every 5 minutes.



Beginner send-off. We will send off groups of 20 every 5 minutes.



Lite racer send-off.



First riders begin to finish race. Get cleaned up, grab some lunch and hang out with our sponsors and your fellow racers. When you finish, be sure to return your chip to the timing tent to get your time and meal ticket. If friends or family members are coming to watch, they will be able to purchase a lunch. Extra raffle tickets and limited event merchandise can be purchased as well.



We'll have the raffle and awards after the last rider has finished.